Bike Riders Find Lost Woman

Sunday, October 21, 1973 – Mrs. Jean Carroll of Denver – 28 – became lost from a party from the Colorado University Mineral Class about 11:30 a.m. at the Virgin’s Bath Campground 12 miles south of 67 on Rampart Range Road.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Department phoned Sprucewood for riders to go into the area at 7:30 p. m. Doug Afford and Tom Vasconcells of the Rampart Range Riders Club rode into the area and located the lost woman on Bike Trail No. 11 about 10:15 p.m. and returned her to Rampart Range Road where members of the Arapahoe Rescue Squad, U.S. Forest Service, Gene March of the Douglas County Sheriffs Department and members of Mrs. Carroll’s club were stationed.

Charlene Homfeld of Sprucewood had also phoned for more riders into the area – those who were enroute were Bill Osthoff, Castle Rock, Terry Thompson and Bruce Bader of Sedalia, John Pugh, Chuck Jensen and Tim Robbins all of Denver and employees of Vickery Yamaha were stopped at Johnsons Corner.

Rampart Range Riders is a group of experienced riders who do this type of rescue work and are available at any time by contacting Sprucewood as well as Osthoff, Thompson, Bader, Pugh, Jensen and Robbins and numerous who are willing to help.

Douglas County News
Castle Rock, Colorado
Thursday, October 25. 1973
Steve York
Leah Hendricks


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