Tread Lightly

Travel and Recreate with Minimum Impact

• Travel only in areas that are open to your type of recreation.
• Travel only on routes designated for motorized use.
• Don’t create new routes or expand existing trails.
• Avoid sensitive areas.
• Cross streams only at fords where the road or trail intersects the stream.

Respect the Environment and the Rights of Others

• Respect and be considerate of other users so that all can enjoy a quality experience in the outdoors.
• When driving, yield to horses, hikers and bikers. In personal watercraft, be cautious around canoes, kayaks, and other boats.
• Respect wildlife. Be sensitive to their life sustaining needs by keeping your distance.
• Comply with signage.
• Always obtain permission to cross private land.

Educate Yourself, Plan and Prepare Before You Go

• Know local laws and regulations.
• Know which areas and routes are open for your type of recreation.
• Have the right information, maps and equipment to make your trip safe, and know how to use them.
• Be sure your vehicle is compatible with road and trail conditions.

Allow for Future use of the Outdoors, Leave It Better Than You Found It

• Take out what you bring in.
• Properly dispose of waste.
• Leave what you find.
• Minimize use of fire.
• Restore degraded areas.

Discover the Rewards of Responsible Recreation

• Do all you can to help preserve the beauty and inspiring attributes of our lands and waters for yourself and future generations.