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Trail Status: OPEN

Rampart Range Road Status: OPEN

Rampart Range Trail Information

Located in the Pike-San Isabel National Forest about 35 miles southwest of Denver are nearly 200 miles of trails for OHVs, (Off Highway Vehicles). This area is known as the Rampart Range Motorized Recreation Area. The trails, some of which were originally stage coach roads and game trails, traverse several hundred square miles of national forest at elevations ranging from about 6,500 feet to over 8,500 feet. There are currently over 30 designated trails with terrain and challenges varied enough for riders of all abilities to find enjoyable. The South Platte Ranger District of the USDA Forest Service and the Rampart Range Motorized Management Committee (RRMMC) maintain the trail system.

For more details about the history of Rampart Range Motorized Recreation Area, see our About page.

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Why don’t you designate the trails as one-way?  I need somebody to ride with.  Can you guys help me?  Read answers to our most frequently asked questions HERE.

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From Denver, take Santa Fe (Highway 85) south to Sedalia, or from Castle Rock, take...

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Trail Markings

Trail Markings

Rampart Range is a multi-use trail system.  Each trail will be designated with its trail number,...

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