Etiquette on the Trails

It is the responsibility of the trail user to know some basic rules of etiquette.

  • All trail traffic at Rampart Range is TWO-WAY traffic. Be careful when approaching blind corners etc… there could be someone already there.
  • Hand signals help to inform other on-coming riders of how many people are in your party. If you are riding by yourself or last in a group, hold up a closed fist to indicate there are no more riders behind you in your group. If there are two people behind you, hold up “2” fingers to indicate two riders behind you, etc…
  • We share these trails with all types of user groups. None of the trails at Rampart Range are “MOTORIZED ONLY” trails. Motorcycles and ATVs must yield the right of way to pedestrians, bicyclists, and horses.
  • Be courteous! Conflicts only add to the problem of keeping this riding area open.
  • You must have a current Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) registration or current license plate to ride the trails.
  • OBEY SPEED LIMITS ON ROADS whether in your car, truck or properly licensed motorcycle.
  • Don’t ride around the campgrounds or parking areas. We have 100+ miles of trails: don’t jeopardize this by undue riding in these areas. Ride only to and from the trails to avoid conflicts.
  • STAY ON THE TRAIL. We are having problems with “Pioneer Trails” and this only complicates things when trying to keep trails open or even open new trails. Please stay on the trails.
  • Avoid “mud bogging”. When an area is wet and muddy, vehicles can cause excessive damage that results in area closures. Stay out of the wetlands and off trails that are excessively muddy after storms.
  • Vehicles using numbered trails must be 50” or less in width for ATV trails, or must have only two in-line wheels for single track trails.
  • All vehicles must have a US Forest Service approved Spark Arrestor.
  • Pack out your trash.
  • Protective gear is strongly recommended, especially a helmet.
  • Motorcycle and ATV trails are designated by white arrows and a 3-digit number.
  • OHV’s must meet state and federal noise emission standards.
  • Know where you are. Trail maps of the Rampart Range OHV trails are available at many local merchants and Denver area motorcycle dealers.
  • USFS campgrounds and dispersed camping is available. Be sure to extinguish your fire properly.
  • Avoid muddy and wet areas. Wetlands are fragile and take years to recover. Tread Lightly!
  • Access to Rampart Range Road is closed to full size vehicles Dec 1 through at least April 1, depending on conditions. Additional temporary restrictions may be implemented for all motor vehicles when conditions warrant to reduce resource damage.

Though rare, it is possible to run in to equestrian traffic on the trails of Rampart. The following rules are suggested for the safety of the horse, rider and motorcyclist.

  • If on a slope, stop on the downhill side of the trail if at all possible. Horses are not comfortable with things above them.
  • ALWAYS stop and cut your engine when you encounter horses. Wait and rest until they are at least 200 feet past you.

Horses spook easily. The risk of one rearing is very high, even from the stink of an exhaust pipe. Everyone in the vicinity is at risk, including the motorcycle rider.