Poker Run Registration – YOUTH – June 2, 2024


The Rampart Range Motorcycle Management Committee sponsors a non-competitive Poker Run for off-road motorcycles (no ATV’s) and riders of all ages. There is a short course (approximately 15-25 miles) and a long course (approximately 50-55 miles). Riders of all abilities are welcome. Prizes are awarded on the basis of the poker hand you draw at the final check point.

The Poker Run is an AMA sanctioned, non-competitive event and the 5 prizes awarded for each course are based on your luck in drawing one of the five highest winning poker hands consisting of five (short course) or seven (long course) total cards. It is not required for participants to be AMA members.  The entry fee includes a gourmet meal of hot dogs and soft drinks. Serving begins at 12:00 noon. Prizes are awarded after the event is over, however you don’t have to stay to claim your prize. Those who stay around for the awards will also gain a chance at several door prizes donated by local dealerships and organizations.

Monies raised from these events will help to maintain the Rampart Range area for all users.

Due to the fact that we can only sell a limited number of registrations to our events, we are unable to issue refunds.  If you register for an event and are unable to attend, we appreciate your donation even if we don’t get to see your smiling face at the event.

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Prizes and Sponsors!


Long Course Short Course
1st Place
$400.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Fay Myers Motorcycle World
1st Place
$325.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Performance Cycle of Colorado
2nd Place
$325.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Vickery Motorsports
2nd Place
$250.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Peak Honda World
3rd Place 
$250.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: G-Force Powersports
3rd Place 
$175.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Grand Prix Motorsports
4th Place
$175.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Woody's Wheel Works
4th Place
$125.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Sprucewood Inn
5th Place
$125.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Aurora Honda
5th Place
$75.00 gift certificate
Courtesy of: Apex Sports

Spring Poker Run Chance to Win:  CRF230 Giveaway!

“Gourmet” Lunch is sponsored by STUCK NUTZ

Event Details


The event starting time is 9:00am to 11:00am. All cards must be turned in by 3:00pm. Prizes will be awarded beginning at 3:30pm.


Flat Rocks campground and Rampart Range Road, approximately 4½ miles south on Rampart Range Road off of Route #67 west of Sedalia, CO.


All participants MUST have a helmet, eye protection, and suitable footwear. Proper safety gear including hand protection, pads, etc, is also highly recommended. To avoid dehydration, it is recommended that you bring drinking water and possibly energy bars or a similar snack.


To be eligible to participate in this event, ALL bikes will be required to have a Forest Service approved spark arrestor. The Forest Service will be conducting spark arrestor checks on the day of the event.


Noise limits and sound levels may be checked or enforced at the event. Excessive noise is the biggest threat to all of our riding areas. Please be considerate with your choice of pipes when operating outside of a closed source. Effective July 1st, 2010 a 96db noise limit law goes in to effect in Colorado. We offer free testing at the events so you can find out if you are in compliance.


The short course is approximately 15-25 miles and shares the same route as the first half of the long course. The long course continues on to a total of approximately 50–55 miles. This allows families to complete the short course together, then the more ambitious riders continue on the long course while the others relax with hot dogs and soft drinks. There are prizes for both courses.

For easy navigation the route will be well marked with bright colored arrows. Maps highlighting the route will be displayed in the event registration area to show an overview of the trails being used. Trail maps may be purchased at registration the day of the event or from local dealers ahead of time. Note that the trails are not closed to the public during the event. As always, it is possible to encounter TWO-WAY, ATV, horse, or foot traffic on any of the trails at any time. Please use caution and keep your speeds reasonable and safe. It is NOT a race!


There are typically 5 or 7 checkpoints along the course, depending on whether you choose the short or long course. At each checkpoint, you will get a mark on your card to indicate you visited the check. The final checkpoint is the end of the ride, back at registration. There you will draw a playing card for each checkpoint you have visited to determine your poker hand. The highest poker hands for short and long courses win the event. This event is NOT a race! It is NOT necessary to speed in to or out of any check point! Doing so is very hazardous to volunteers manning check points. Riders showing discourteous or dangerous behavior may be disqualified.


The Poker Run is an organized trail ride, not a race. If you are being overtaken by a faster rider, please pull over when safe to do so and allow faster riders to pass. If you overtake a rider, please pass safely and courteously. Remember you will be sharing the trail with novices and children. Control your speed! A participant may be disqualified from this event for any unsportsmanlike conduct, illegal activity, or failure to abide by any of the conditions or rules of the event at the discretion of the RRMMC.


Rampart Range Road is CLOSED to all non-licensed vehicles. Do not ride on the roads unless you and your vehicle both possess a valid license and insurance.


Parking on Rampart Range Road is prohibited. Please use the designated parking areas all along Rampart Range Road.


There are several developed dispersed campsites all along Rampart Range Road, as well as the Dutch Fred and Devils Head campgrounds. Note that the Flat Rocks campground is reserved for registration and event staff and will be closed to the public for the weekend of the event.


Additional poker hands may be purchased during registration. In order to purchase additional hands, you must present your original rider scorecard and rider number. You will be presented a special additional score card for your rider number which can then be presented at the final checkpoint along with your original score card to draw an additional hand. If an additional hand wins, the prize will be awarded to the rider registered on the original card. Hands cannot be combined to create a better hand.

Date: June 02, 2024

Start time: 09:00 a.m. MDT

End time: 04:30 p.m. MDT

Venue: Rampart Range - Flat Rocks Campground

Directions: Flat Rocks campground and Rampart Range Road, approximately 4½ miles south on Rampart Range Road off of Route #67 west of Sedalia, CO.