Rampart Range Trail Information

Trail Etiquette How to behave responsibly on the trail to promote a quality experience for everyone.
Tread Lightly Tread Lightly principals to encourage sustainable trails.
Suggested Items to Carry Tools and equipment you should always carry.
Trail Markings Examples of the signs and markings used in the Rampart trail system.
Trail Descriptions A listing of the trails available along with brief descriptions.
Maps Locations where you can purchase trail maps.

Trail Etiquette

It is the responsibility of the trail user to know some basic rules of etiquette.

Though rare, it is possible to run in to equestrian traffic on the trails of Rampart. The following rules are suggested for the safety of the horse, rider and motorcyclist.

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Tread Lightly Core Principles

Travel and Recreate with Minimum Impact –

Respect the Environment and the Rights of Others –

Educate Yourself, Plan and Prepare Before You Go –

Allow for Future use of the Outdoors, Leave It Better Than You Found It –

Discover the Rewards of Responsible Recreation –

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Suggested Items to Carry

Some of the trails can be quite remote. It is a good idea to carry a few supplies in case of emergency. The follow is a list of items frequently used for trailside repairs or personal safety.

  • Water - hydration pack or similar
  • Fanny pack or fender bag
  • Trail map
  • Extra correctly gapped spark plug
  • Plug wrench
  • Allen wrenches
  • Axle wrench
  • Vise grips
  • Screwdriver(s)
  • Extra front tube or patch kit
  • Tire irons
  • Tire inflation device / kit
  • Extra length of wire
  • Pocket knife
  • Rain gear or jacket
  • Small first aid kit
  • Zip ties (large and small)
  • Duct tape and/or electrical tape
  • Cloth to clean goggles
  • JB Weld or similar epoxy putty
  • Extra master link
  • Ratchet with sockets that fit all the major bolts on your bike
  • Tow rope or strap
  • Food bars
  • Cell phone
  • Mini compass
  • License or ID, registration, vehicle & medical insurance info
  • $20.00 cash
  • Credit or debit card

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Trail Markings

It is important to stay on designated trails and to only operate allowable vehicles on restricted trails. The following signs are used throughout the Rampart area to indicate permitted uses.

Brown sign with white arrow indicates a designated trail. The trail is a legitimate trail, however it may be restricted to certain forms of transportation.
Most trails have carsonite posts marking the trail head. The symbols on the post indicate what type of use is permitted on the trail, what types of vehicles are prohibited, and the difficulty rating of the trail. The trail number is also indicated.
Carsonite post indicating no motor vehicles permitted beyond this point. Often used to designate areas which are closed for rehabilitation. Please stay out of the area beyond the signs to avoid resource damage or to allow a rehabilitation area to recover.
Some trails are marked with wooden entry signs.
Trail is open to ATV's less than 50" in width.
Trail is open to two-wheeled motorcycles, aka "dirt bikes".
Trail is open to 4WD (full size) vehicles.
Trail is open to hiking.
Trail is open to bicycles.
Trail is open to equestrian traffic.
Trail is open to snowmobile traffic.
Closed to vehicles over 50" in width.
No camping.
No fires.
Designates a parking area.
Trail is rated as easiest difficulty. Suitable for riders with less experience.
Trail is rated as a medium difficulty. Suitable for riders with more experience that are comfortable with most types of trail obstacles.
Trail is rated as most difficult. Recommended for experienced, expert riders only. May contain difficult to negotiate trail obstacles.

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Trail Descriptions

Trail# Name Difficulty 1 Length Open To 2 Description
627 Beginner 7.7   Easy trail that parallels Rampart Range Road for most of it's length. Good route to use instead of the road to get from one trail to another if you aren't street legal. Even though it's relatively easy and smooth, keep speeds under control since it is popular with the youngsters and beginners.
646 Arrowhead 1.0    
649 Trout Creek - 5   The section from 650 down to Trout Creek was permanently closed after the Hayman fire, so this is now two short trails which connect between Long Hollow Trail #650, and Rampart Range Road.
650 Long Hollow 5.5    
653 Roi Tan - 0.4   Short, narrow trail that rides along a steep hillside. Though not technically challenging, the narrowness and steep drop off make it mentally challenging. Unfortunately, illegal ATV use has widened the trail to the point where it is no longer as challenging. A second track is forming uphill. PLEASE keep ATVs off this trail so it can be restored to single track status.
657 Gramps 1.1   Begins at Rampart Range Road approximately 2.25 miles south of Flat Rocks Campground. The trail leads 2.7 miles southwest to Cabin Ridge Trail (675). Considered to be an intermediate level trail, which gets a moderate amount of use.
662 Middle Garber 3.3 New trail opened in 2009. A short connector which runs between Garber (686) and Overlook (682).
672 Turkey 1.2   Permanently closed in 2007 as part of the travel management plan.
673 Bar 3.4   A moderately difficult trail open to both ATV and motorcycle traffic. Begins near Flat Rocks campground and ends up at the Sprucewood Inn where you can pick up a meal and something to drink. It is the most popular and most heavily used motorized trail in the Rampart Range Area.
674 Flatrock 4.1   This trail is a heavily used trail of intermediate difficulty connecting 2 other heavily used trails.
675 Cabin Ridge 4.0   Cabin Ridge Motorized trail connects Rampart Range Road to Highway 67 south of Sprucewood. This trail is rated easy by the Forest Service and used frequently. The trail is 4 miles long and connects with trails 657, 674, 676, and 677. Ample parking is available at the Rampart Range Road Trailhead.
676 Devil's Slide - 6.4   Intermediate to expert-level riding. It is very scenic with 2 difficult sections of trail to negotiate, however there is a bypass for the most difficult section. This route gets a moderate level of use. The trail ends on trail 677, which leads east to Rampart Range Road south of Topaz Point Picnic Ground.
677a Noddle - 5.1   Starts at Highway 67 and heads south to another intersection with Highway 67 and the start of 677b, Log Jumper. Terrain is intermediate to difficult. The Noddle Trail also has the most varied terrain of any in this trail system.
677b Log Jumper 6.6   Starts at Highway 67 at the end of Noddle trail 677a and continues south to intersect with Rampart Range Road south of Topaz Point picnic ground.
678 Ruby Creek 2.2 Permanently CLOSED due to Hayman fire.
679 Dutch Fred 2.4 Nicely flowing trail that starts near the Dutch Fred campground and ends at Jackson Creek Rd.
680 Loop 0.8  
681 Scotty's - 6.9 Contains a section with a difficult to navigate ledged rock. Bypass is available for less experienced riders.
682 Overlook 2.9 Leads southeast from Flat Rocks Campground to Rim Road. The terrain is rated intermediate and it connects with Trails 681, 683 and 685.
683 Fern 1.3   Short loop off of trail 682 which climbs a steep rocky slope.
685 Tomahawk 4.0 Leads north from Rim Road to intersect with Trail #686. This trail gets a moderate amount of use. A popular spot to rest is at Kip's Bridge which crosses over Garber Creek.
686 Garber 5.2 Extended in 2009 to be a total of 5.2 miles, up from it's original length of 2.6 miles.
688 Beaver 1.2 Connects between 686 and Rampart Range Road.
690 Power line - 7.7 Parallels Rampart Range Road from Highway 67 to Cabin Ridge picnic ground and has many connections to other trails. Contains many steep hills and frequently has deep ruts from heavy use. Visibility is limited in places so use caution to avoid oncoming traffic. Less experienced riders may prefer to use trail 627 which also parallels the road.
692 Bear Creek 6.4   Extremely difficult trail with many switchbacks and ledges. Advanced riders only.
Permanently CLOSED due to new Travel Management Plan. New single track trail is being constructed to replace this trail.
693 Russell Gulch - 4.7   Starts near the Sprucewood Inn and runs north. The section which followed the creek bed down to the plate river has been permanently closed as part of the travel management plan. The trail is being restored back to single track status and a new loop is planned to extend this trail in the near future.
695 Top of the World 10.3 - Permanently CLOSED in 1997 after Buffalo Creek fire.
787 Power Bar 8.1 New trail opened in 2009 which connects from the big parking lot near Highway 67 and Rampart Range Road to the Bar trail (673). There is also a connection to Power line (690)where it intersects with Beaver (688). Follows the contours of the hillside so lots of turns and twists. Expect to take a while to get all the way through this one since there are few straight sections.
788 South Garber 2.6 New trail opened in 2009 which connects from Arrowhead Trail (646) to Jackson Creek Road (507). Also intersects with Tomahawk (685).
??? Skeleton 7.8 New in 2011! This is a true single track track that is closed to ATV/UTV traffic. Connects from Long Hollow Road to the intersection of trails 649 and 650. Currently a very challenging trail due to the newness of the track. Mostly side hill with some areas of tight trees. It may take several hours to complete this trail, so allow yourself plenty of time. Experienced riders only. Named after the old Skeleton Mine which is in the area.
503 Watson Park Road NR  
Watson Park Road is a 4WD road, but it is also open to unlicensed vehicles from Jackson Creek Road to Dakan Road. Use caution since full sized vehicles may be present at any time.
507 Jackson Creek Road NR  
Jackson Creek Road is a 4WD road, but it is also open to unlicensed vehicles from Rampart Range Road on the south to Watson Park Road on the north. Use caution since full sized vehicles may be present at any time.
563 Dakan Road NR  
Dakan Road is a 4WD road, but it is also open to unlicensed vehicles from the Forest Service boundary on the north all the way to Rampart Range Road. Use caution since full sized vehicles may be present at any time.
Total 109.2  

1 =Easy, =Medium, =Hard, NR=Not rated.
2 All trails are also open to pedestrian, mountain bike and equestrian traffic. All trails are closed to vehicles over 50" in width. Please be considerate.
Green highlighted text indicates recently added or modified trails.

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Trail Maps

Trail maps are available from for a nominal cost from most Denver area motorcycle dealers, select businesses, or the Rampart Committee. The official RRMMC trail map includes a simplified layout of the trails, trail numbering, naming and access information, and useful tips on the back. Proceeds go to maintain and support OHV opportunities the Rampart Range area.

The following businesses carry Rampart Trail Maps:

USFS South Platte Ranger District  

Sprucewood Inn

MotoRidePhoto (online ordering)  

Jarre Mart (Sedalia)

Fay Myers Motorcycle World

Bugling Bull (Highway 67)

Beeman's Gas and Grocery (Sedalia)

Vickery Motorsports

Performance Cycle of Colorado 

Grand Prix Motorsports

Apex Sports  

RPM Motorsports

Xtreme Performance Center

Sun Enterprises

G-Force Powersports  

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