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For a more complete list of riding areas, check out some of these links:

Here is some general information on a few other areas as well. Please note that the status of these areas may change from time to time and listing them here does not indicate an official status on whether they are open or closed. Please check with local authorities to determine the current status before entering any area.

  1. Saint Mary's Glacier
    1 hour from Denver - follow the maps to Central City. While traveling through this small town, continue on straight through. You will end up past town approximately a ¼ to ½ mile. Park and unload. There are trail heads/roads available to ride just up ahead.

  2. PMI/Pueblo Motorsports Park  (aka Honor Farm Park and Open Space)
    1 ½ hours from Denver - Travel south on I-25 to Pueblo, CO. Just before town, turn west on Highway 50. Go under the railroad pass and turn left. Go approximately ¼ mile to the entrance on the right. Good practice area for families since you can let the kids wander on their own a little without fear of them getting too far away from the truck. Good place during the winter since they don't get as much snow. Note: Portions of the open riding area were closed as of July 2006. The MX track remains open for organized events. A new master plan is in the works, and more information can be found here. As with any area, it is recommended that you check with local authorities about the current status before entering.

  3. Kremmling (BLM Land)
    1 ½ hours from Denver - Take I-70 West to Silverthorne and head North for approximately 45 minutes on Highway 9 to Kremmling. Turn right and go 1 mile. Turn left on the county road and travel approximately ½ mile and turn left. You will drop down and turn right on to the next county road and look for a place to park and unload. There is a land owner there, Mike Vandre. He can lend a hand with further trail directions if needed. Explore.

  4. Webster Pass (Just outside Breckenridge)
    1 ½ hours from Denver - Take I-70 West past Silverthorne to the Breckenridge turn off and head South approximately 15 minutes to Tiger (Ridge/Pass?) and turn left. Travel approximately 15 minutes and turn left. Travel another 10 minutes and look for a place to park at the end of the road before the road narrows into a trail head.

  5. Tarryall
    2 hours from Denver - travel 1 ½ hours West on Highway 285. There is a small town before you reach the town of Fairplay. You turn left here and travel approximately 20 minutes. (You will need a map for the rest)

  6. Walden Sand Dunes
    4 hours from Denver - Map to the area

  7. Hahn's Peak - North out of Steamboat Springs
    5.5 Hours from Denver - Map to the area

  8. Fourmile Travel Management Area (Buena Vista)
    Turn North on CR 315 as you begin your decline down the mountain (look close for it after 305, note the road is after the actual sign posted). Take 315 till it dead ends and turn left or right to find a campsite. There are trail maps available at the kiosk on the way in.
  9. Texas Creek Travel Management Area (Cotopaxi)
    West on Highway 50 out of Canon City, near the intersection with Highway 69. Watch for signs. Designated trails for motorcycle, ATV and 4WD use. You can download a PDF Brochure and map from the BLM website.
  10. Pawnee Grasslands (NE of Fort Collins)
    Open riding area in a draw northeast of Ft Collins. Directions can be found at the Forest Service website. Not a very large area overall, but may be good for beginners to practice since there are many open flat areas as well as small hills. Can get crowded at peak times and many like to use the hills to practice jumps, so use caution and be aware of what others around you are doing. Open seasonally from Nov 1-Apr 9.

The following areas are easily accessed from Buena Vista, Colorado. It is about a 2 to 2 ½ hour ride from Denver to Buena Vista. When you get there, stop in at the Liars Lodge and talk to Carl. He sells a map book with details and maps on the following areas...

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