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Fire Restrictions: See the Forest Service website for the most up to date information about fire restrictions in the Pike National Forest.

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If you've visited Rampart recently and would like to make a report on current conditions, put your information in an email to Useful information will show up here once it has been approved by the moderators. It may take a while, especially on weekends, so be patient. We will also pass along relevant information about trail maintenance issues to the Forest Service or our own work parties as appropriate.

Note that messages are subject to approval and we reserve the right to edit or reject them before posting if they do not meet our standards. Please keep messages concise. Subject lines should be less than 68 characters if possible. Some examples of good message headers include "There is a tree down on trail xxx that is causing riders to detour." or "Trail xxx is starting to develop serious rutting near blaa blaa." or "Thinning crews have trail xxx closed today." or "It rained like crazy last night and conditions are awesome." You may expand on the information in the message body, however only the first 73 characters will be shown on this page. Readers will be able to click on the link to read the rest of your message.

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