Colorado's OHV Registration Program


Money pooled from the OHV registration program goes directly into the trails that we enjoy.  


Note: The information below reflects changes which went in to effect April 1, 2008.

  • Colorado Law administered by Colorado Parks and Wildlife requires a Colorado Registration or Permit of all vehicles operating on Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) trails operated on public lands.
  • The owner of any vehicle that is being used for recreational travel upon designated off-highway vehicle routes shall obtain and display on such vehicle a Colorado off-highway Registration.
  • If you are from out of state and staying for less than 30 days, you must have a non-resident Permit. (Does not require proof of ownership)
  • The current Registration or Permit fee is $25.25 and is valid from April 1 through March 31. Trail maintenance and other trail programs are funded through these OHV Registration and Permit fees. The $0.25 funds the search and rescue teams.
  • Registrations may be purchased or renewed online at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, at many of the CPW visitor centers, or at many area dealers.
  • Contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Registration Unit (303)791-1920 or visit the Colorado State Parks web site for more information