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02/24/2009 Federal Lead Ban Puts Brakes On Child-Sized ATVs
A new law intended to eliminate lead recently found in many children’s toys from China has the unintended consequence of making it illegal to sell child-sized ATVs and dirt bikes. This video story from Channel 7 news gives some coverage for a local dealer with comments from our own Glenn Graham, current chairman of COHVCO.
08/10/2008 Volunteers build first bridge on new ATV trail
The August work party had a great turnout and the crew was able to complete the first bridge on a section of new ATV trail which will be opening soon.
05/14/2007 Trail Crew Report: Rampart Range OHV Area
Statistics on what the State Trail Crew accomplished this spring at Rampart.
05/14/2007 Heavy Winter Snows Mean Lots of Spring Timber Clearing
Article by Corey Corbett about the work that needed to be completed in order to open the trails after the heavy snows this winter.
03/30/2007 Wet conditions force extended closure of the Rampart Range Motorized Recreation Area
There has been a lot of snow this winter, followed by a rapid warm up. This combines for some really soggy trails. The USFS has issued an emergency closure of the area to prevent excessive damage by motorized users.
08/04/2006 The X-Moon
While this has nothing to do with Rampart, it is an entertaining look at what dirt biking might be like on the moon. The fact that it comes from NASA makes it even more interesting.
07/18/2006 Status of State Highway 67 Reconstruction
News releases from CDOT about the status of Highway 67 between Deckers and Westcreek.
07/10/2006 Highway Hit Hardest By Flood In Hayman Area
More on the flood from 7News with video.
07/09/2006 Flood closes Highway 67, damages homes
Another flood article from the Colorado Springs Gazette.
07/08/2006 Flood disaster declared
Heavy rains on July 7th caused flooding and road damage on Highway 67 between Deckers and Westcreek causing the highway to be closed. Denver Post report.
06/15/2006 Rampart Improvements Status
Article by Steve York about the current status of the Rampart trail improvements.
06/09/2006 Inaugural Appearance of the Stay the Trail Education Trailer
The new “Stay The Trail” education trailer made it’s first appearance at the Rampart Spring Poker Run. See the photos on
05/03/2006 Wild ride results in new attitude about dirt bikers
While this article doesn’t directly involve Rampart, it does refer to our siblings to the north, the Northern Colorado Trail Riders. Miles Blumhardt talks about softening his opinion of OHV users after being introduced to the sport first hand. We can all learn a lesson about tolerance from it.
01/06/2006 The Rampart Travel Management Plan
Article by Mike Cussins of the Rampart Range Committee about the status of the Rampart Travel Management Plan.
11/04/2005 Trail of Gears
This article from COS Online discusses user conflicts and trail management. It provides a variety of viewpoints, both positive and negative toward motorized use. The Rampart Committee is mentioned briefly.
11/03/2005 Rule Restricts Off-road Vehicles in National Forests
The Rocky Mountain News published this article about restrictions on off road vehicles in National Forests.
10/03/2005 Paying and Playing
Denver Post article on dirt bike, ATV use and land management.
08/04/2005 Comment sought on popular OHV area study
Announcement of comment period for Rampart Travel Management Plan on Douglas County News Press.
07/27/2005 5th Annual Off-Highway Vehicle Management Workshop is “BEST YET!”
Story about the 2005 OHV Management Workshop on
04/07/2005 North Rampart Range Road closed indefinitely
Article about the delay in opening Rampart Range Road in 2005 due to heavy snows. Douglas County News Press
03/17/2005 Comment period extended to March
Press release about the extension of the comment period for the Travel Management Plan. Douglas County News Press
02/22/2005 Homeowners want to meet with forest service
Story about the Rampart area, concerns of local land owners, plans for the future, travel management, etc. Douglas County News Press
12/30/2004 3 options provided for ATV use in Rampart
Press release about Rampart Travel assessment. Douglas County News Press
11/01/2004 Rampart Offers Miles and Miles of Trails
Colorado Springs Outdoors article about the many recreational opportunities in the Rampart Range area.
10/21/2004 Revised plan for motorized vehicle trails in Rampart progressing
Press release about Rampart Travel assessment. Douglas County News Press
07/15/2004 Damage needs to stop; OHV fun does not
Story about public comment meetings for the Rampart Travel Management. Douglas County News Press
07/15/2004 Abused area in Pike closed for repairs
This Douglas County News Press article talks about the closing of the Watson Park area.
07/08/2004 Service to study off-road vehicle use in Rampart
News article about the Rampart Range trail analysis study. Douglas County News Press
12/25/2003 Off-Road Officials Take To The Trails For Some Four-Wheeled Investigation
ATV Rider Magazine published this article about a “Ride of the Minds” at Rampart Range. Participating in the ride were members of the Forest Service, RRMMC, COHVCO, SVIA, Colorado Quad Runners, Western Slope ATV Association, All-Terrain Vehicle Association, NCTR and others.
08/03/2003 OHV Volunteers Assist with Fire Rehabilitation Project
Thank you note about the Hayman rehabilitation on
07/31/2003 View from top of Devil’s Head well worth the hike up there
Douglas County News Press article about hiking to the Devils Head tower.
03/15/2003 24 Hours In 5 Days
Some of the Rampart Committee members were able to attend the Dirt Rider 24 Hour Torture Test in 2003. Read Corey Corbett’s story on the event on
09/21/2002 Dutch Fred Celebrates Completion
A story about the completion of the Dutch Fred project on
01/14/2001 Bigfoot Tales Thrill Colorado Campers
Ok, so this isn’t really related to dirt bikes or ATVs. It’s an story about “bigfoot” sightings in the Rampart Range / Pike National Forest area. No, we aren’t suggesting big foot roams the trails, but it might make an interesting campfire story. More reports can be found here and here. Maybe you’ll catch him on a helmet cam!
09/15/2000 Tread Lightly! Celebrates National Public Lands Day – Dutch Fred Project
Here is an article on that talks about Public Lands Day and the Dutch Fred Restoration Project that took place in 2000.
11/01/1984 Rampart Range
Article from the November 1984 issue of Dirt Rider Magazine about Rampart Range. With photos.
10/25/1973 Bike Riders Find Lost Woman
Douglas County News article about a lost woman that was found by dirt bikers on the trails at Rampart.
__/__/1972 Sprucewood: A Motorcycling Paradise
Tom Strongman‘s article from Cycle World magazine in 1972 about the Sprucewood and mapping dirt bike trails at Rampart. With photos.
07/02/1971 182 Riders Compete in Annual Bear Track Enduro
Article from 1970 or 1971 about an enduro held at Rampart by Harry’s Roamers. With photos.